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Fly to your destination in the Northern Miner, from anywhere in Chile

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VIP Air Chile, ¿ What we offer ?

  • We offer special flights and charter services in a commercial licensed Beechcraft C-90 Turbo Prop Pressurized aircraft. We are specialists in Vip/Executives transportation to mine-sites and airports, high altitude operations/overflight, terrain/pipeline surveying, explorations and major industry support.
  • Executive Class

    Vip service class to business class.

  • Security

    Pilots with international certification, Beech King Air aircraft world-class.

  • Reliability

    Pilots familiar with the routes of Chile, north and flight height.

  • On Time

    Arrive on time to your destination in northern Chile Mining, with the safety and comfort you require.

A Big Team for You!

  • Mauricio Guerra

    Co-Founder of Vip Air Chile.

    General Manager and civilian pilot, mountaineer, photographer, diver and more, all an entrepreneur. Learn more at MW Expediciones.

  • Angel Troteiro

    Co-Founder of Vip Air Chile.

    Operations and Commercial Pilot with over 20 years experience and over 5,000 flight hours in national and international routes.

  • Alberto Huck

    Co-Founder of Vip Air Chile.

    AVIXWEB founder and partner, a company dedicated to developing applications and web services with over 12 years experience. Learn more

  • Celina Abello

    Commercial Operations Vip Air Chile.

    AVIXWEB partner and over 15 years experience in business management and business relationships.

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Vip Air Chile Spa

Antofagasta, Chile

General Manager: Mauricio Guerra J.
(56)(9) 7858 0813

Operations Manager: Angel Troteiro O.
(56)(9) 9547 1840

Commercial Relations: Celina Abello V.
(56)(9) 5778 2239

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    Fly to your destination in the Northern Miner, from anywhere in Chile

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